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Rocker's property division includes lock of Bob Dylan's hair

Married couples may participate in hobbies or activities together. From the outside looking in, others may find those hobbies or activities to be unique or even bizarre. If the relationship ends, the marital property associated with the couple's interests may need to be divided.

Oklahoma City music fans may be interested in an unusual division of marital property. Black Key guitarist and vocalist Dan Auerbach recently finalized the divorce from his wife, but it is their property division that is making waves in the music world. In addition to paying his former wife $5 million, one of the couple's homes and a car, the rocker is also parting with a lock of legendary musician Bob Dylan's hair. Bob Dylan has yet to weigh in on the follicle exchange.

Although the marital property may not have obvious market value, couples may need to divide property with sentimental value as well. If a divorcing couple cannot decide as to how to divide their marital property, an Oklahoma state judge will make the determination. In Oklahoma, the court will divide the couple's marital property based on a theory of equitable distribution. Marital property generally includes money earned and property acquired while the couple is married. A personal gift or a purchase that one spouse makes with funds earned prior to the marriage may be considered separate property and will not be included in equitable distribution. After determining which property is marital and which property is separate, the judge will apportion the property in a manner that is fair, given the couple's unique circumstances.

Oklahoma married couples acquire a variety of assets throughout their marital relationship. The decision to divorce may be very difficult for the couple, but determining how to divide the marital property can be a harrowing experience as well. Each spouse must present their most compelling argument to ensure that they receive the property to which they are entitled.

Source: TIME, "Follicle Fail: Black Keys' star loses 'Bob Dylan's hair' in divorce," Melissa Locker, Aug. 26, 2013

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