Stop Garnishment

When faced with overwhelming debt, many people choose to ignore the issue, hoping it will go away. The problem with this approach is that creditors usually will not relent in their pursuit of repayment. After attempts to collect are ignored for some time, a creditor has the right to seek a legal order to garnish your wages — as much as 25 percent of your gross pay.

Helping You Protect Your Wages Through Bankruptcy

Whether you have received notice of an impending garnishment, or if one of your creditors is already garnishing your wages, Branch & Hurtt Law Firm, P.C., can help. Our lawyers are experienced bankruptcy attorneys and have helped countless individuals protect their wages from garnishment.

As soon as you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay will be placed on all collection attempts from creditors. This means if your wages were being garnished, your creditors can no longer seize money from your paycheck while the bankruptcy is in process.

Whether you decide upon Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, both options will protect you against further wage garnishment from your current creditors once the bankruptcy is discharged.

If you are at risk for wage garnishment, time is of the essence. Contact our law firm as soon as possible to discuss your options. We offer free initial consultations and will inform you of your legal rights and how to protect your hard-earned money.

Norman Wage Garnishment Attorneys

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